Deep cleaning service includes everything in the standard cleaning with the addition of some extra detail work. 

Please see below what’s included in our Deep Cleaning Package.

Kitchen & Eating areas each visit:

  • Remove cobwebs 
  • Clean countertops, sink and faucet, and all appliances outside 
  • Wipe kitchen cabinets exteriors
  • Dust blinds and windowsills
  • Clean microwave (inside), table & chairs
  • Clean knick/knack
  • Dust wall decorations 
  • Wipe doors 
  • Dust baseboards 
  • Remove trash and replace bag 
  • Vacuum/mop floors

Bathroom each visit:

  • Clean mirrors, sinks and countertops
  • Wipe bathroom cabinets exteriors
  • Clean tub/shower stalls
  • Clean toilet inside/out 
  • Clean paper holder/towel racks
  • Arrange towels and bath mats
  • Empty wastebasket
  • Wipe doors 
  • Vacuum and hand wash floors

Sleeping & living areas each visit:

  • Dust furniture/wall hangings & light fixtures
  • Cobweb(s) removal
  • Straighten/dust bookshelves
  • Bed linens change
  • Dust blinds and windowsills, ceiling fans, and exposed vents
  • Internal window(s) spot clean
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Dust baseboards
  • Vacuum stairs/walk-in closets
  • Wipe doors
  • Vacuum/mop floors
  • Clean patio and front door in/out

Services we DO NOT offer:

  • Cleaning high to reach areas & windows
  • Washing exterior windows
  • Clean walls
  • Organizing
  • Folding clothes / Laundry
  • Cleaning anything outside the home
  • Moving or lifting anything over 25 lbs
  • Cleaning bio-hazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)
  • Cleaning up animal waste
  • Cleaning cat litter box and on floor
  • Cleaning insects/rodents