“Comprehensive work at a reasonable price”


“We have hired a number of housekeeping services over the last five years. With many of the cleaning services we noticed a similar quality of work and value, and after a couple of months, they started to give less effort and not clean as well. Their work became so poor that we had to discontinue their services. Ultimately, we didn’t stick with a company for longer than three months due to these issues. But when we hired 4-Senses House Cleaning Service it all changed. They’ve been cleaning for us for about seven months and they always do their work with dedication and accuracy. It’s fair to say that 4 Senses is special in their industry, because of their consistently excellent work every time. They pay attention to every detail, which makes their workmanship excellent.”


Dan and Liz Hampton

Fitchburg, WI

“A relaxing experience”


“I’ve been a client of 4 Senses for several years and it has been a pleasurable experience. Everyone in my family has been impressed with how well they clean. They clean with green products and use aromatherapy, which is something we appreciate. I never expected that the scent of lavender could create such a relaxing experience. If you checked 4 Senses’ site you probably read about the thank you card and chocolate bar on the pillow, too. I found them on mine! These are all things that make 4 Senses so special. Also, the price-to-quality ratio is really good.“


Lowanna Mobley

Waunakee, WI

“Dedication and exceptional customer service”


“I’ve been with 4 Senses House Cleaning Services for over three years without any problems. Each time they clean my home, their expertise is clear. 4 Senses House Cleaning Services leaves our home smelling and looking clean and fresh. They are reliable and do their job with quality and accuracy. During the three plus years, I’ve been with 4 Senses, they have called to reschedule their bi-weekly cleaning session only once! They told me why they had to change their cleaning timetable and worked with me to reschedule. Their workers are trustworthy and highly experienced. 4 Senses is worth recommending. They care about their customers and do a great job.”


Brenda Murty

Waunakee, WI

“I consider myself lucky to have found this company ”


“4 Senses will never let you down! I’ve used 4 Senses for about 6 years and I have to say they are one of the most reliable companies I have ever used. They use green cleaning products, which makes me really happy because it shows they care about the environment. Also, there is no problem if I need to change my cleaning schedule, because they are well organized. I have the pleasure to have Ewa and Mariusz as my cleaning team, both of them are great people with a passion and respect for the customer”


Helen Riley

Middleton, WI



“I’ve used 4 Senses Home Services for seven months and I’m completely satisfied and happy with their work. There is no comparison between 4 Senses and other cleaning companies. They know what their customers need and are scrupulous, which makes them true professionals. I definitely recommend 4 Senses for someone who needs conscientious and trustworthy cleaning services”


Barbara Clauder

Madison, WI

“The best in the business”


“I have been using 4 Senses for over 8 years and I can confidently say they are one of the best in the industry. Our residence is seasonal because we do not live in Waunakee full time and 4 Senses often cleans our house when we are away on business. The combination of both high-quality services and trustworthiness makes 4 Senses unique. Working with this company is nothing but pleasure. For Mariusz and Ewa customer satisfaction is a priority. That makes them one of the greatest cleaning services in our area. If someone wants solid cleaning at a reasonable price, 4 Senses is the best choice.”


Diana Backus

Waunakee, WI

“Always on time, and always do a great job”


“4 Senses always does their job on time and with reasonable pricing, and they can customize their cleaning services to meet your needs. I’m extremely satisfied with 4 Senses. If someone is looking for an experienced and reliable cleaning service in Madison, 4 Senses gets my recommendation.”


Linda W.

Madison, WI

“Thank you”


“Great job! Thank you for the great cleaning and the way you care about your customers!”


Tom S.

Middleton, WI

“A reliable and flexible company”


“For about four years 4 Senses House Cleaning has been cleaning my house. I’m really satisfied with how they do their job. Their reliability and flexibility are something that I appreciate. Moreover, schedule changes are not a problem for them. They know how to accommodate and work with those who are often away. Their reliability is noteworthy. 4 Senses does not miss any scheduled appointments. You should definitely check out their services.”


Jan Zwettler

Waunakee, WI

“They even burn a pleasant smelling candle while they are working!”


“Our condo has never looked so clean and smelled so fresh! 4 Senses is a reliable cleaning company with professional maids. They have been cleaning our house every two weeks since February 2009. They clean everything and everywhere, including our bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen, and they dust as well! To be honest I have never seen anyone who can wash floors as fast as 4 Senses! They know how to deal with throw rugs and clean under them. Also, I must mention the aromatherapy they offer, it’s enjoyable to come home from work to such a beautiful scent. Moreover, don’t be surprised when you find a thank you card and tasty chocolates on your pillow. Those details make 4 Senses really special and unique. You can trust them, we occasionally leave them our condo key and nothing bad has happened.”


Rita & Jim Honnold

Sun Prairie, WI

“Dependable and efficient service”


“The last several months have been a lot easier with 4 Senses Home Services and their cleaning services. They are really dependable and efficient. They know how to meet my special requests and have wisdom about cleaning products. Also, their workflow is spectacular. I’m happy to recommend this cleaning company.”


Phyllis H.

Madison, WI



“I love coming home on Monday night to a sparkling house and freshly made bed. It’s wonderful. Everyone needs this kind of service after work! A big thanks to 4 Senses for their work!”


Amy G.

Madison, WI

“After our first cleaning, we were completely sold!”


“This summer we had too much going on so we decided to hire 4 Senses! Ewa personally came to us and told us everything about their services and quoted us a competitive price. They won us over after the first cleaning! They left our house smelling fresh and clean. Moreover, they used green products and my family loved it! Mariusz and Ewa have built their business with their own hands, it is impressive that they are so courteous, trustworthy and professional. They pay attention to every detail! Their crew knows how to do their job, and it’s such a pleasure to find your house is so clean and comfortable after their services. Don’t be shy – call them! I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”


Jennie Zuk

Middleton, WI