Don’t Clean Alone! How To Assign Chores To Your Household

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Who has the time to spend the entire day cleaning?

Certainly not you! But neglecting the chores isn’t an option either if you want to maintain a tidy home. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple: enlist the help of your entire household!

When everyone pitches in with the cleaning, big or small contributions can make a significant difference. It lightens the load and ensures that no one person bears the burden alone. However, managing and delegating cleaning tasks among your family members can be a challenge.

In this guide, brought to you by spring cleaning experts, you’ll discover effective strategies for assigning chores to your household. From setting expectations to creating a chore chart, we’ll equip you with the tools to establish a harmonious and efficient cleaning routine.

Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of cleaning alone and embrace the power of teamwork in maintaining a clean and organized home. 

Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets of successful chore delegation!

Are you supposed to keep up with the chores?

Often, one person is in charge of most of the cleaning tasks. While it can work for some households, keeping the house clean shouldn’t always be a concern for just one person.  

No matter how busy are the other household members, there must be something they can do. Even the little children can help—just be sure to delegate them age-appropriate chores.

How to assign chores to your household

As said before, delegating cleaning tasks to your family is easier said than done. However, you can do some crucial things to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Here are the steps!

1. Make sure everyone has the same expectations

Something may seem “dirty” for you, while for others could be “clean enough.”  If you live with your partner or other adults, you need to agree about your cleaning expectations. Often, it is a matter of discussing it and finding the middle ground.

2. Discuss the chores (or assign them by yourself)

The way you organize the chores depends on your household. For example, when you let kids help you with the cleaning, you know best what chores they can manage. You can assign them tasks, but be sure to explain why cleaning is important! 

On the other hand, assigning the chores can be more tricky when you live with other busy adults. Here are some ways to divide the tasks that could work in your household:

  • Rotate the chores: You can rotate the chores nobody wants to do—like scrubbing the toilet! This way, it won’t feel unfair!
  • Let people pick: Sometimes, other people don’t mind doing tasks that are unbearable for you! Let your household members choose a couple of chores to take care of.
  • Ask for help: Maybe you are the one taking care of the housework in your family, but that doesn’t mean others can’t help out! Don’t hesitate to ask for help with specific chores. 

3. Set the new cleaning schedule in a chore chart

The most challenging part of dividing the chores isn’t assigning tasks to each household member; it is actually doing them! 

The key to following through with the plan is to make a clear chore chart and place it where everyone can see it. Besides, the chore chart needs to be appealing if you want to get your kid’s attention.

Also, be consistent! Don’t clean if other people it’s supposed to clean.

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