Essential Deep Cleaning Chores To Refresh Your Home During 2023

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As we step into a new year, it’s time to embrace the opportunity for a fresh start. And what better way to kickstart the year than with a sparkling clean home? A clean and organized space sets the stage for positive energy and productivity.

Don’t let last year’s dirt and clutter dampen your motivation. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and embark on a deep cleaning adventure. To make the process easier, we’ve curated the ultimate New Year’s cleaning checklist for 2023. 

This checklist, meticulously crafted by skilled and efficient home cleaners, will guide you through essential deep cleaning chores that will leave your home feeling rejuvenated.

Bid farewell to the remnants of the past and welcome the new year with a pristine and refreshed home. Let’s dive into the checklist and make 2023 a year of cleanliness, order, and new beginnings.

New Year House Cleaning Checklist


During the Holiday season, your fridge is likely to be stocked more than usual, which can be quite chaotic. As such, the appliance may have taken a bit of batter and other food spills.

And with more people going in and out, that is, if you had hosted your loved ones; then, it’s only logical that your fridge will be dirtier and cluttered than usual.

That said, start by checking the dates on sauces and jars in the fridge. If they are expired or no longer useful, discard them. Next, clean the fridge as recommended by the manufacturer. Be especially meticulous when cleaning its highly-touched surfaces like the handle.


Just like the fridge, your kitchen cabinets are likely to be stocked with non-perishable foods during the celebratory season. As such, be sure to declutter the cabinets and clean them thoroughly with warm soapy water. Go an extra step and sanitize your cupboards. When done, don’t just put everything back; instead, section them. Keep your rice together, pasta together, bread together, spices together – and so on.


The festive season is all about food and more of it. As such, you probably used your oven to whip out that greasy roast dinner and other sweet treats. So it’s only fair that you give the oven the much needed deep cleaning this New Year. To do so, use an oven scraper to remove any built-up grime.

To ease the process, take out the racks and soak them in warm soapy water. As the soap does its magic, clean/scrub the oven doors and walls. And when it comes to cleaners, you can buy one from the store or make your own with lemons and water, or baking soda, vinegar, and water.

Behind furniture

Cleaning behind the furniture does not happen weekly, so it’s better to get it over with during the start of the year. Who knows when you’ll have time to be that thorough again, right? Besides, the area is likely to be filled with dirt, dust, and rubbish—more so after the festive season. To clean the area, move your furniture one by one, and thoroughly clean their dwelling place for the last whole-year.


Walls gather marks and dirt as much as the floors. And during the holidays, the walls have likely been touched more times than it can be counted. The same goes for the skirting board that’s put in place to protect the wall from furniture and other items scuffing it. Thus, vacuum the skirting boards, then proceed to freshen the walls with a suitable cleaner.


Now, any home cleaning guide must include sofas as a must-clean item. Many people used their couches more than usual during 2020; thus, our sofas are bound to be sunken and dirtier than usual.

That said, you need to freshen them by:

  • Vacuuming
  • Taking off the cushions and removing any stains with an upholstery cleaner
  • Machine washing the cushion covers and hanging them in the open air to dry

Note, wooden furniture requires some good waxing.

Washing machine and dryer

Your laundry machine can build-up dirt and grime if left uncleaned for years. The obvious telltale is your clothes coming out of the machine less clean than expected.

But you don’t have to wait for that to happen, and the new year is the best time to refresh your washing and drying machines. The things that clean for you require thorough cleaning too. And that includes the dishwasher.

To refresh the machine, you can run soda crystals at the highest temperature. Empty its filter and clean the drawer thoroughly. Do not leave any fluff in your lit filter. Once done, rinse the machine with warm soapy water – and drain the primary filter.


Carpets, although insulative and cozy, can be filthy. As such, you should vacuum your carpet and refresh it with a carpet washer. Next, air dry it by opening the windows. Do not whack the heat up to dry the carpet as that can damage its fibers.

The bottom line, our list here is not exhaustive. It just covers must-clean areas/items during the start of the year. More so because these areas rarely receive much attention once we settle into our daily routines.

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