Home Cleaning Tips To Ease Allergies During Spring

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As the weather warms up and spring arrives, so do the dreaded allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny noses. If you or someone in your household is prone to allergies, ensuring a clean home becomes crucial. Don’t let allergies dampen your enjoyment of the season. 

Get ready for spring with these 7 effective cleaning tips that will help you control and alleviate spring allergies. Discover the power of deep cleaning solutions to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment. 

Say goodbye to sniffles and hello to a refreshing and allergy-free spring.

1. Make a cleaning schedule

Most allergens are microscopic particles that only go away after you clean thoroughly. During spring, deep and regular cleaning is crucial to keep allergy triggers low. Scheduling and spreading your cleaning chores through the week helps you ensure every area of your home gets effectively cleaned—and allergen-free! 

2. Wash your beddings with hot water

Your beddings gather allergens during the day. Dust, mold, and dust mites could be triggering your allergies during bedtime without you even noticing it. To eliminate allergens on your bed, wash your bedding in hot water and dry it on the highest temperature setting—also, deep clean your mattress during your spring cleaning. Consider getting allergy-proof beddings.

3. Deep-clean your carpets and rugs

Removing fine particles from carpets and rugs can be challenging. To clean your carpets, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter; otherwise, you might be spreading allergens throughout the room. Washable rugs are not a problem if you can throw them into the washing machine weekly. However, even if you vacuum frequently, consider changing your carpets for laminate or vinyl flooring to reduce allergies.

4. Dust every corner of your home

Many people forget to clean hard-to-reach surfaces, like inside cabinets or behind furniture. However, by thoroughly dusting these hidden spots, you will reduce the allergens inside your home. Use a microfiber duster or cloth; it captures the dust instead of driving it away. Begin by upper furnishings, including ceiling fans and window coverings—you can launder washable curtains. Vacuum the floors after dusting to eliminate the remaining dust. 

5. Keep your home clutter-free

Take advantage of spring cleaning and declutter your home. Piled-up clothes and other stored objects can collect allergens with time. You can sell, donate, or repurpose the clothes that you don’t want anymore. The same applies to anything else that is only accumulating dust. Less is more!

6. Take the mold out of your home

Mold and mildew spores are allergy triggers, but they are associated with other respiratory issues. During spring, moisture levels rise, accelerating fungus growth. Deep cleaning the spots where mold is visible (like the bathroom) is crucial for your household’s health.

7. Keep your indoor air clear

Spring is a great time to pay attention to your air conditioner unit. Keep the vents and ducts clean and make sure the entire system is running in optimal performance. Clean the air filters and make sure they are capable of retaining small particles. To prevent pollen and dust in your home, you are better off closing all the windows to let your filter clear the air.

After reading these ways to ease allergies in spring, we are sure you want to tackle your household chores right now, and 4 Senses House Cleaning can help you! Prepare yourself for spring by booking our house cleaning services.

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