How To Keep A Clean House While Working Full-time

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Finding that sweet spot between your nine-to-five grind and tackling those tiring and lengthy household tasks can be a real puzzle. But fret not because we’ve got a bunch of clever tips to keep your home as clean as possible while you work full-time!

Tip #1. Make a tailored cleaning schedule

Keeping your house in the best condition when you’ve got a packed schedule starts with a well-thought-out cleaning routine. But don’t burden yourself trying to keep a cleaning routine like everybody else. Instead, tailor it to your lifestyle and free hours.

Include those quick, must-do tasks that won’t eat up your time, like wiping down kitchen counters after meals or giving window sills a quick dust when you shut the windows. This way, your home stays shipshape without driving you to the brink of exhaustion.

Tip #2. Make smart decluttering choices

A clutter-free space is key to keeping order and sanity. Identify trouble spots in your home—that stuffed closet or the chaos on your countertops—and make them your decluttering priorities.

There are tons of effective ways to tidy up and say goodbye to stuff you don’t need. However, if deciding what to part with gets tricky, put nifty storage solutions like bins, shelves, and storage furniture to good use.

Tip #3. Master the art of multitasking

Efficiency is your best friend in the cleanliness game. Work tiny cleaning tasks throughout your daily routine to avoid struggling when you don’t find time later. For example, clean while you cook dinner or load the dishwasher as you finish using the dishes and utensils.

Make the most of any small pockets of free time—but not your leisure time! For instance, think of those few minutes you can spare before heading out with friends or family. That way, you can quickly tackle cleaning tasks like sweeping counters. These small efforts will accumulate and help keep your place consistently clean.

Tip #4. Share the cleaning load

Keeping your place clean gets a whole lot easier when you’ve got backup. Ask your family or roommates to join and share cleaning duties. Even the kids can pitch in with age-appropriate chores —it’s a win-win, teaching them responsibility and teamwork!

Note: Consider keeping a shared calendar or checklist in plain sight for everyone to ensure fair distribution of chores.

Tip #5. Save the heavier chores for the weekends

While small daily upkeep doses are essential, bigger tasks are best left for the weekends. Dedicate a chunk of your Saturday or Sunday to more thorough cleaning, like tackling the bathroom or giving the kitchen a deep clean.

If you can’t conquer everything in a single weekend, no biggie. Spread the tasks throughout the month to ease the load. You’ll love the results!

Tip #6. Invest in time-saving cleaning tools and products

When time’s a precious commodity, it’s worth investing in handy tools and products to help you out. Consider getting specialized cleaning gear, such as a vacuum with nifty attachments or a time-saving steam mop for floors.

You can also get more autonomous tools if you have a really tight schedule. Robot vacuums and programmable air purifiers work effectively, maintaining your space without you having to babysit them.

Need a hand in keeping your home pristine?

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