How To Clean A Refrigerator With Vinegar In 4 Easy Steps

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A dirty refrigerator can cause bad smells, mold, and unnecessary expenses. Most homeowners would like to avoid harsh cleaners in the refrigerator, but you might wonder then, how should you clean this important appliance? 

A super economical and effective way to clean your refrigerator without damaging it is to use vinegar. Don’t know how? Here are four steps to clean your refrigerator using vinegar.

Step #1. Turn off the fridge and empty it

To avoid accidents while cleaning your refrigerator, the first thing to do is to turn off the fridge. Also, empty the fridge of everything in it to make cleaning easy. This is the best time to separate the items and throw away everything that has expired. 

What should you do with the items that are not expired? A good tip is to use a Styrofoam box with ice and put all those foods that require more refrigeration to prevent them from being spoiled while you clean.

Step #2. Make a vinegar solution and wipe shelves and drawers

Once the refrigerator is empty, it’s time for the actual cleaning. The next step is to prepare your vinegar mix. Mix about half a cup of vinegar with one cup of water. Pour the mix on a rag and start cleaning with shelves, drawers, egg racks, and other removable surfaces. You will have to take them out of the fridge and clean them. Dry before returning them to place.

Step #3. Clean the inside of the fridge

Skipping the inner walls of the refrigerator during cleaning is just as if you did no cleaning at all. The good news is that you can also use vinegar for this. You may want to avoid using soap and detergent because food can absorb the smell. 

Clean all the interior surfaces with a cloth dipped in clean water and a few spoons of vinegar, which helps to remove unpleasant smells and sanitize the surfaces. The interior walls of the fridge and freezer should also be cleaned after removing all the ice.

Do not ignore the seals. They are particularly susceptible to dirt, so you should also clean them. However, vinegar can be harmful to the gum. Using some water with a few drops of dish soap is better for this.

Step #4. Let the fridge dry thoroughly before turning it back on

The last step is not a surprise. Just wait for the fridge to dry completely before turning back on the refrigerator. However, you could speed up the process by setting up a fan in your kitchen. 

Don’t forget to turn the knob back to the most suitable temperature for your fridge to work perfectly. You don’t want to end up with spoilt groceries and another round of immediate cleaning.

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