7 Ways To Remove Dog Hair From Your Carpets And Rugs

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As a proud dog owner, dealing with pet hair is a common challenge. It seems like those furry strands have a magnetic attraction to your carpets and rugs, making it a constant battle to keep them hair-free. 

But fear not! We’ve got you covered with seven expert tips to eliminate that pesky dog hair for good. 

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#1 Lint rollers

If you’ve owned pets for a while, you know that lint rollers can be a real lifesaver on your clothes. However, you may not know that these inexpensive tools can be just as useful for carpets!

This method works best with small areas with stuck hair. Just roll the device over the spot, and once the sticky sheet is covered up in hair, change it and keep going. You can do this as many times as you need! 

#2 Rubber gloves

If you don’t want to buy an expensive device, rubber gloves are a good option. These gloves create static, which attracts dog hair from the carpet and sticks it on the gloves instead. So you only have to rub them over the dirty spot to start picking up those pesky hairs. 

However, that is not the only way rubber gloves can help eliminate hair from your carpet. You can also wet your hands with the gloves on and rub your carpet with them—the moisture will give you a better grip on the hair and fluff.

#3 Fabric softener

Fabric softener has anti-static properties and untangles the fibers of any fabric, including your carpet. Spraying softener over a dirty spot on your carpet helps to loosen stubborn pet hair without damaging the fabric. 

So, to use this trick, mix fabric softener with water in a spray bottle until you have a thin liquid. Then, lightly spray the carpet, but don’t clean it up right away; give it a few minutes to dry and loosen up the pet hair. 

After a little while, grab a brush to scrub the hair off the carpet. Also, you could use your trusty vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris and hair more quickly.

#4 Carpet rakes

If getting on your hands and knees is off the table, a carpet rake can quickly become your best friend. 

Carpet rakes work pretty much the same as any broom. The only thing that will change is the length of your strokes, depending on how long the fibers are in your carpet. The rule of thumb is: if the fibers are long, you need to work the rake in long strokes; if they’re short, your strokes should be too. 

#5 Pet brushes

Every dog owner knows how useful pet brushes can be—especially if you have a long-haired dog. However, did you know that these brushes can work for more than grooming your dog? 

Using a pet brush on your carpets is intuitive, as you can use long and short strokes. Just remember to regularly pull out hair from the brush to make room for more pet hair—when no more hair sticks to the bristles, you’ll know you’re done!

#6 Rubber squeegees

Rubber easily creates static electricity, which attracts hair. So, a rubber squeegee is perfect for taking out stubborn dog hair in your carpet—plus, this is a gentle tool on fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your carpet.

All you need to do is grab your squeegee (a long-handle one if you prefer to say up) and stroke the carpet.

#7 Pet vacuum cleaners

A pet vacuum cleaner is a good investment if you have dogs who shed a lot of hair. Although a bit pricey, these tools make a huge difference when vacuuming a carpet.

Pet vacuum cleaners work similarly to any regular vacuum. The big difference is that these devices have special attachments and brushes explicitly made to clean up the hair and fluff of your dogs. Removing the hair from your carpets and upholstery will be a walk in the park! 

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