How To Clean Baseboards Without The Need To Bend Over

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Cleaning baseboards can be easily overlooked; that’s a fact. Why? Because baseboards don’t become overly dirty or are especially hard to clean. However, if bending over is a problem, that’s a completely different story.

Back and knee pain are common issues when cleaning places while trying to stand straight. Baseboards, in particular, usually require us to bend over. If you want to avoid the discomfort bending over may cause and keep your baseboards pristine, here are five effective methods.

Method #1. Use a broom

Using what you already have is the best thing to try, and the broom is a great first option. The length of the broom will make it easy to dust your baseboards without putting so much effort, just place the bristles over the baseboard and run it from one side to the other.

Method #2. Use a mop

Mops are another tool with the perfect length to assist you in maintaining a comfortable position. A regular or microfiber mop will do, but flexible dust mops are specially made to catch dust and are easier to handle. Like with a broom, place the mop over the baseboard and swipe from side to side. 

If your baseboards need a little more elbow grease, mix equal parts of warm water and vinegar to remove stains—replace vinegar with a few drops of dish soap if you have wood or varnished baseboards to prevent damage.

Soak the mop in a bucket filled with the mixture and wring out as much excess water as possible, or use a spray bottle for an effortless application.

Method #3. Get a flexible dust wand

Like a flexible dust mop, dust wands are designed to catch dust. The biggest advantage of this particular tool is that it can help you reach almost anywhere and everywhere. So if you need to clean baseboards placed behind furniture or appliances or those hard-to-reach corners, this is your best option. Just bend the wand as much as you need, place it on the baseboard, and swipe from side to side to remove the dust.

Method #4. Use the vacuum cleaner

If you want a quick and straightforward solution, try using your vacuum cleaner. The many attachments on your vacuum are lifesavers for making cleaning less demanding. Use the brush attachment and let the vacuum do the sweeping for you. The size of the brush will also help you reach small corners and baseboards hidden behind furniture and appliances.

Method #5. Put together a DIY cleaning tool

If a broom is all you have, but you feel it’s not getting the job done, upgrade it! Get some rubber bands, clothespins, or binder clips, and secure a microfiber cloth over the broom bristles. This will help make the cleaning more effective and less messy.

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